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Explorator - news about art and archaeology from prehistory to c.1700. Join the group for a once-weekly newsletter.


Journals Online

Nexus Network Journal - An illustrated journal which considers the relationship between architecture (past and present) and mathematis.

Mediamatic - A journal on modern media which considers the point where art and technology merge.

IN[]VISIBLE CULTURE - A journal on visual studies.

Current Archaeology - designed for the non-specialist reader with very nice, well-illustrated online articles covering a wide range of periods and types.

The City Review - a rather nice, very palatable journal with illustrated articles about any number of visual things, mainly in New York, and also abroad. Enjoy this one.



History Degrees Online - here is a new site that will let you search for degree courses in History and related fields (including art history). I suspect the course offerings will multiply exponentially, so check it out now but be sure to return to it again soon.



The Art Historians' Guide to the Movies - By Craig Eliason at Rutgers. The more art history you know, the more you ought to visit this site. Sheer joy. Now expanded and more serious.

Mona Lisa Images in the Modern World - Robert Baron's interesting essay on an image which is too well known, and not well enough understood.

PostModernism and Art History - fascinating site, a mixture of thoughts, images, jokes, theories. Go see.


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