The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Problems
Or—Did the Gardens Really Exist?

Many site authors suggest that the Hanging Gardens never really existed, and this idea may be the main reason for treating the gardens too lightly.

Since the gardens were also listed among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, denying their existence has the knock-on effect of diminishing the historical value of those too. Well blast that for a lark! Let's reconsider this reality-or-myth issue pronto.

Other Hanging Gardens Certainly Exist

There is nothing unlikely about the pure existence of hanging gardens. They were common enough in Ancient Persia (Iran), and a famous one from the 18th century still exists at Shiraz.

Issues with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Here are the problems:

  1. The Eye Witnesses (can we trust them?)
  2. The Creators (did they exist?)
  3. The Truth (proof or orthodoxy?)
  4. History Writing (science or art?)

The first two issues are obviously crucial. The last two probably look like fluff. But they are incredibly important and we can pin them right down, and then—it all makes sense!

If you just want to rush on to the conclusions, here are the issues again, with pithy answers. Just remember: their way and our way don't mix. The problems boil down to utterly conflicting mindsets between our age and the ancient past. Once we know this, we can repair a lot of the damage. Mouseover the questions in brackets and look right:

  1. The Eye Witnesses (can we trust them?)
  2. Basically, Yes.
  3. The Creators (did they exist?)
  4. Yes.
  5. The Truth (proof or orthodoxy?)
  6. Then: Orthodoxy.
    Now: Proof.
  7. History Writing (science or art?)
  8. Then: Art.
    Now: Science.