The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Some Research Questions

  1. What were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
  2. Did they really exist?
  3. If so, who built them?
  4. And what did they look like?
  5. How much can you find out from the web alone?
  6. How do you know if the web material is any good?

The answers you finally favour will depend on things we usually forget even to think about. Once you are alert to these issues, though, some very exciting possibilities open up.

Truth is one of those neglected issues:

  1. What is truth?
  2. Has our definition of truth changed through the ages?
  3. If so, in what ways?
  4. And how would that affect the way we read ancient documents?

Some Answers

Most of this site is devoted to the research and truth questions, but you'll find my personal conclusions in the answers link. On the other hand, the web questions can be answered at once.

  1. You can find out almost everything you want to know
  2. As soon as you try to connect each description with its original author and establish where and when he wrote that description, you can tell the reliable and interesting site authors from the careless and misleading ones.

In the end, you will need a traditional library, but by that time you'll know exactly what you need and will save a lot of time.

If I'd done this project through traditional libraries, it would have taken weeks or even months. Instead, it took one whole afternoon, followed by five or six mini-sessions (and counting) to work out the details.