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Plinia's Secret History of Art
Connecting Art and Consciousness

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These pages are designed especially for my two Introduction to Western Art courses, but all my other courses assume that you have this material under your belt so get to know it anyway. It should be interesting - let me know how it goes.

With many thanks to Scott Lee who helped me adapt the main script for the pop-up windows!


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  2. Minimise all other application windows (i.e. click on small "minus" box, at top right of each window). This is because the main window automatically sinks to the bottom of the screen so that you can continue to scroll and click while the mini windows are open on top of it.

Glitches, Tips and Further Information

The navigation bar on the left will bring up individual pages. Several of these pages have links to images, which will appear in pop-up quick-view windows. In theory, you can have as many of these windows open as your machine will bear. In practice, this will freeze your machine. Close the windows when you've finished with them.

Many of the images in the pop-up windows link to larger versions and/or more images. When you click on the link to bring these up, it is a good idea to open in a new window, because the quick-view pop-ups do not let you scroll.

The pop-up windows are designed to "float" above the main window. The first time you click on the main window after a pop-up appears, the pop-up will disappear and return. After that, it should remain steady.

You can move and resize the little pop-up viewer windows and the images will automatically enlarge as you do so. But don't be surprised if the images suddenly jump into the wrong windows. Can't help that, sorry. Just close the spoiled window and re-open it. Tip: Sometimes you can prevent it happening by clicking once on the white margins of the pop-up before resizing it.

The ideas of art history are interconnected, so there are links to other pages which discuss the connected ideas more fully, in case you need them. These will open in a medium-sized window which you can scroll. But there is a glitch, sorry. Every time you touch the medium-sized window, it sinks to the bottom! And stays there! Tip: minimise the main window temporarily while you read the medium-sized window. Then close the medium-sized window, and maximise the main window again.

There are many words in English that I call "the hidden enemy". These are words you think you understand - but you're wrong! If I suspect a word of being a "hidden enemy", I've made it mid-blue and bold. If you pass the mouse over that word, a drop-down definition will appear at the bottom of that paragraph, and stay there until you move the mouse away.

This is what happens

There are (or will be) self-tests to go with each of these pages. Links to those tests will be added soon. Meanwhile, if you want to do some tests, visit the lightning tests.

Finally, if you want to return to the course materials, or if you want a location bar so that you can move on to other sites, click on Plinia's Secret History of Art logo in the navigation bar. This will open a full-sized window with the home page in it, and from there you can surf as usual.

Enjoy these materials, and send me feedback!