Lightning Tests

I will be linking a number of automatic tests relevant to my current courses, and you can use them to monitor your own grasp on the ideas and material. No one will know if you test yourself here.

Some ideas are basic to all pre-Modern courses, so the first test I have linked addresses these. The questions will address the underlying concepts (which may not be directly concerned with art itself), the artistic response to those concepts, and your ability to read the artists' "signals" (visual analysis). Remember to think flexibly! There are many ways to frame questions, and in tests I will use every way I can think of. The best preparation for this is to make every effort to understand the material. After all, you are not a parrot!

Click on the yellow links to the right to start the tests. They will appear in a new window - give them a little time to load. Remember to close the window before clicking on the next test.

Note: asterisks show tests that are not suited for the introductory survey courses. They are for more detailed courses.