What you should be doing now


September 23rd
Here is your first assignment. It is due on 1st October. Normally, I will only ask half the class to do a written assignment at a time, but this time you all have to do it. That means: DO NOT CHECK BOOKS OUT OF THE LIBRARY!

Discuss the different jobs you have seen art do in units 2-9. Does the apparent purpose of art make a difference to the way it is designed?

Remember, always support your comments and arguments with relevant examples (check the set book and books in the library). That is the proof that you have good reason for what you say.

500 words. Hah! Just try it! You have 10% leeway (i.e. give or take 50 words). More or less than this will be penalized.

Note that this means you must take this assignment very seriously, because the only way you are going to make a good fist of it is by careful selection of material and a very concise writing style. This will take time and concentration. Check out the Survey grading policy (and you have a personal copy) for details of requirements and how they contribute to your grade.

Can you do it?!


Sundays, 9.00 p.m., PBS (channel 2) - Sister Wendy! One of the best television surveys of art I've seen. Watch it once, anyway. Sister Wendy is a hoot. Come to class next Monday and tell me her strategy for interpreting paintings. 23rd September, Sister Wendy has rocketted past Baroque, way beyond the requirements of this course! Imagine that. Two episodes to cover what we will take a whole semester to do! By the way, I am still waiting to hear about her strategy for interpreting the works.

Reading assignments! Unit 3 on Wednesday.