What you should be doing now


11th November
In view of the new treatment of mythology and religion that we are now seeing in Venice, check out some Classical-Christian connections to remind you just how cerebral central Italian art can be.

27th October
Wednesday's seminar on Sistine Chapel ceiling and Mantegna's Camera Picta ceiling. Many theories about the meaning of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Check them out.

24th September
E-mail postings are dramatically improving in content and quality. Well done, all!

23rd September
Correction: Here is your first assignment (Paper 1), due on 29th October.

Paoletti emphasizes competition between rival patrons during the Early Renaissance. Should this view be balanced by consideration of other kinds of competition? Give your reasons. How would you characterise the artists' intentions at this period?

Notice that this assignment has three sections (1) should the view be balanced, (2) give reasons for your response to (1), and (3) characterise the artists' intentions. Make sure you tackle all three parts! Points are allocated to each, so don't throw them away.

This is a "stand back and look at the big picture" kind of assignment. Paoletti's view is not the only possible one. So make a mental list of the big issues for the period and consider whether Paoletti's view gives them adequate representation. Maybe seek out the opinions of others in your e-mail groups about what the big issues are so far.

Don't be afraid to disprove the assignment. You do not have to agree, and you do not have to disagree. Treat it like an enjoyable, meaty discussion.

Have fun!

23rd September
Sister Wendy hit the Renaissance Sunday 14th September, PBS (channel 2), 9.00 pm. It was a one-hour show and quite entertaining, and you got to see the works in context. She hit Baroque same time last week, and has already zapped beyond the scope of this course. But if you haven't already caught her, you ought to give her a shot. I still want to know if you can pick out her strategy for interpreting the works.

September 15th
E-mail assignment begins on Wednesday. Postings now should concern the course!

September 8th
Reading assignments
Introduce yourself to your e-mail list, if you like
Start looking for illustrations for your seminar

September 7th

Scan the syllabus, scan the listed pages in the set books, and make a wishlist for your seminar topics. Make three choices in order of preference, and be ready on Monday to make your selections.