Paper Presentation Requirements

These requirements are designed to create useful scholarly habits, to give you the best chance of ensuring that your work is given the credit it deserves. First impressions are vitally important, and ease of use for the grader comes a close second. Other requirements make the work more useful to you, and ensure that you make educational progress as the course continues. All these requirements are worked into the grading system, which is set out in the Foundation Grading Policy and in the Standard Grading Policy which is used for all 200-level courses and above. I will not accept papers or plans which visibly neglect them, so make sure you meet the requirements!

General requirements - all assignments

To Complete the requirements:

Generally I assign three kinds of written-work. Click on the relevant "additional requirements" link to complete the requirements for your current assignment.

Additional Requirements for Full Papers Additional Requirements for Paper Plans/Outlines

Additional Requirements for Short Note Introductions

These are full introductions, written as if they were going to be followed by a full paper, but you will not write the rest of the paper. Instead you will list the key works you would have used, and/or the main points you would have made, as relevant.