The Holy Roman Empire, Otto III ff
St Michael's, Hildesheim, fd 996; Ottmarsheim convent, c1000-33, consecrated 1049; Bamberg cathedral, fd c1002; constructed 1007; consecrated 1012 (destroyed)
Pericopes 4454 book cover, c1010; Essen sword, c1000; Aachen pulpit, c1010-14?; Basel antependium, c1015-19
Trier: Liuthar Group: Aachen Gospels of Otto III, c996; Munich Gospels of Otto III, c1000; Daniel Commentary, c1000; Pericopes 4454 of Henry II, c1002-10; Pericopes 4452 of Henry II, 1007-12; Hillinus Gospels, c1002 ff
Cologne: Hitda Codex, c1000-1025; Priesterseminar Gospels, c1030
Echternach: Echternach Gospels, 1053-56; Speyer Golden Gospels, 1045-6; Goslar Gospels, by 1050
Monumental Sculpture
Gero crucifix, Cologne, c970; Ringelheim crucifix, c1001, Bernward's tomb, by 1022
Bernward of Hildesheim: Silver crucifix, 1007-8; Column, c1010; Doors, by 1015
Shrine of St Liudger, Werden, 1050s; Relief plaques, St Maurice, Münster, 1063-84; Painted wooden doors, St Maria-im-Kapitol, Cologne, c1065
France: The Millenium of Christ
Vaulted architecture: the problem
1st Romanesque: St Martin-du-Canigou, Catalonia, 1001-26; Sta Maria Ripoll, Catalonia, 1020-32; St-Savin-sur-Gartempe, 1060-1115;
Pilgrimage churches: St Martin, Tours (transepts), c1050; Santiago de Compostela, León, 1071-c1095; St Sernin, Toulouse, 1078-1982/3;
Domed churches: S Marco, Venice, 1063-94; St Front, Périgueux, planned 1077, built c1120;
Pointed vault: Cluny III, 1088-1130
Apocalyptic Christs & tympana
St-Genis-des-Fontaines, Catalonia, 1020-21; Rodez altar frontal, c1050; Cluny portal, planned c1088, executed c1106-1112; Charlieu, c1094; Vezelay, ?1095 or c1120-32; Autun, c1120-35
Relics and the Plaque Style
Reliquaries: Ste Foie, c1000 or earlier; St Chaffre, c1050; St Baudime, c1125
Relief Sculpture: Ambulatory figures, St Sernin, Toulouse, by Bernardus Gelduinus, 1096; Cloister piers, Moissac, c1100; Cloister piers, Sto Domingo, Silos, Late C11; Porta de las Platerias, Santiago di Compostela, c1078-1103; Porte Miegeville, St Sernin, Toulouse, c1110-1119; South portal, porch, Moissac, c1115-1130
Montecassino and the Benedictine style: Vita Benedicti (Ms Vat Lat 1202), Montecassino, by 1071; Sant'Angelo in Formis, S Italy, c1085; S Clemente, Rome, late C11; & other Roman churches; Cluny Lectionary, early C12; Berzé la Ville, early C12
Vaulted architecture: the solution
The domed-up groin vault: St Philibert, Tournus, vaulted 1007-19; Kaiserdome, Speyer, adapted for vaulting 1080-1106; Vezelay, Burgundy, vaulted c1109-30;
The rib vault: Durham cathedral, 1093-1104; St-Etienne Caen, vaulted c1115 or c1125; & Ste Trinité, Caen, vaulted c1115
Diffusion from The Empire
Rhenish enamelwork: Theophilus; Roger of Helmarshausen: Paderborn portable altar, c1100; Abinghof Abbey portable altar, by 1100 or by 1107; Altar cross of St Modoaldus, c1107 - and associates; Eilbert of Cologne: Berlin portable altar, c1130/40,
Mosan enamelwork: Godefroide of Huy: Alexander reliquary, Stavelot, 1145; Retable of St Remaclus, Stavelot, c1145/58; Stavelot triptych, c1156/8; Great crucifix, St Denis, c1145/7 Limoges enamelwork: Blumenthal reliquary, end C12
Casting: Bronze crucifix, Abbey of Helmstedt, Werden, c1070; Krodo altar, Goslar cathedral, late C11; Rayner of Huy: Font, Notre-Dame-aux-Fonts, 1107-18;
Painting: Stavelot Bible, 1093-7; "Mosan" style painting: St Pantaleon Gospels, Cologne, c1140-50; "Bury Bible", by Master Hugo, Bury-St-Edmunds, c1130-40; Gospels of Liessies, c1146; Lambeth Bible, c1150; St Paul and the Viper fresco, St Anselm's chapel in the crypt, Canterbury cathedral, c1150


France and England
French Royal churches:
Chartres façade, 1134-1220; St Denis façade, Paris, 1135-40; St Denis choir, 1140-44; Notre Dame, Paris, 1163-1250; Chartres cathedral, 1194-1220; Bourges cathedral, 1195 ff; Reims cathedral, 1211-c1255; Amiens cathedral nave 1220-36; St Denis nave, 1231-81; La Sainte Chapelle, Paris, 1243-48; St Urbain, Troyes, 1261
Early English Gothic:
Canterbury cathedral choir, 1174-84; Wells cathedral nave, 1178-1250; Lincoln cathedral, 1192-1250; Salisbury cathedral, 1220-58; Westminster Abbey, 1245-1260
The Empire: Style as politics (Frederick II and the Transitional style)
Architecture and metalwork: Bamberg cathedral, 1200-37; Maria-Laach, vaulted 1216-35
Later Rhenish shrines; Nicholas of Verdun: Klosterneuberg altarpiece, 1181; Shrine of the Three Kings, Cologne cathedral, c1190-1230; Shrine of the Virgin, Tournai, 1205
Sculpture: (Ancient Roman) Strasbourg south transept tympana, c1225 ff; "Visitation", Bamberg cathedral, c1230s; Bamberger Rider, c1230s; "Justitia", Capua gateway, 1232-40; Pisa Baptistery pulpit, Nicola Pisano, 1260
Sculpture post excommunication: Choir figures and leaf capitals, Naumberg cathedral, c1245-60; Strasbourg south portal figures, Ecclesia and Synagoga, c1240s; Magdeberg north transept portal figures, Wise and Foolish Virgins, c1250-60; Strasbourg main portal figures, prophets, c1280; Cologne nave, prophets, c1320
French sculpture and painting: Chartres north transept portal jambes, c1220 ff; Reims north transept jambes, 1230s; Reims north transept new scheme, c1231-35; Reims façade final scheme (Joseph Master) 1246 ff; La Ste Chapelle apostles, 1243-8; Ingeborg Psalter, 1193-1210; Blanche of Castile's bible Moralisée, 1226-34; Blanche of Castile's Psalter, c1230
France and England: courtly art
English Painting: Psalter of Robert de Lindeseye, by 1222; Amesbury psalter, c1240-50; William de Brailes, 1240-60; Matthew Paris, fl 1250s
French Painting: Psalter of Louis IX, 1253-70; Evangeliary of Ste Chapelle, Paris, c1255-60; La Somme la Roye, Maître Honoré, c1290; Nuremburg Book of Hours, c1290
English Decorated Gothic architecture: St Hugh's choir, Lincoln cathedral, c1192; Westminster Abbey chapterhouse, London, c1253; Salisbury cathedral chapterhouse, c1275-84; Exeter cathedral nave, 1275-1369; Southwell Minster chapterhouse, 1290s; Bristol cathedral choir and sacristy, c1300; Wells cathedral Lady Chapel, c1315; Wells cathedral chapterhouse, by 1319; Ely crossing tower and choir, 1328-47; Wells crossing strainer arches, 1338; Salisbury crossings strainer arches
Italy: art and church reform
Altarpieces and painted crucifixes: Coppo di Marcovaldo: S Martino ai Servi Madonna, Orvieto, c1265; Cimabue: Sta Trinità Madonna, Florence, c1280; Duccio: Rucellai Madonna for Sta Maria Novella, Florence, 1285; Giotto: Ognissanti Madonna, 1310; Crucifix no 15, Pisa, late C12; Coppo di Marcovaldo: S Gimignano crucifix, later C13; Cimabue: Arezzo crucifix for S Domenico, c1268-71; Sta Croce crucifix, c1278;
Realism: Arnolfo di Cambio: Tomb of Cardinal de Braye, Orvieto, 1282; Cavallini: Last Judgement, Sta Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome, 1291; Giovanni Pisano: Siena cathedral façade and figures, 1284-99; St Francis Master: Miracle of the Spring, St Francis preaching to the birds, Assisi, mid 1290s; Giotto: Annunciation to Anna, Arena chapel, Padua, by 1305
Jean Pucelle: Belleville Breviary, 1223-26; Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux, 1325-28
Later Empire and Bohemia
Andachtsbilder (contemplation pieces): Pestkreuz, Cologne, 1304; Bonn Pietà, c1330 Master Theodoric: Chapel of Holy Cross paintings, Karlstein castle, by 1365; France: Portrait of John the Good, by 1364; England: Portrait of Richard II, 1377-99
Architecture Cathedral of St Vitus, Prague, 1344-99; Aachen cathedral (ex palace chapel) choir, 1355
English perpendicular Architecture : Gloucester cathedral choir, c1332-c1357; Gloucester cathedral south cloister, c1370-77; Westminster Hall, 1394-1402; Kings College Chapel, 1445-1515; Henry VII's mausoleum, Westminster Abbey, 1503-19