What you should be doing now

Here are the reading assignments.


1st October
First Assignment is due 16th October. I think two weeks is plenty for a 1500-2000 word paper. But if it causes you problems, then contact me!

Assignment 1 The art and architecture sponsored by the Empire in the Romanesque period (units 1-3) was very different from the art and architecture sponsored by France. Each artistic tradition was founded on a different idea. What were those ideas, and how are they reflected in the arts of each region?

Comments Notice, contrasts are required here; notice, those contrasts emphasise the differences between the two regions. Remember to consider why I might have wanted to emphasize these differences: what point might I be hoping you will get? Discuss that point (refute it if you like, or support it).

Remember to consider manuscripts AND sculpture AND architecture for both areas!

Have fun.

26th September
Visit these sites, recommended by Janelle:

15th September:
Something of a gap before info on your first paper arrives. But remember to keep up with the set readings for each class. Remember also to start thinking in terms of posting to the class list ("art-264"). You need to get in THREE questions or comments, and THREE responses before Fall Break.

4th September:
Start the reading assignments!
Visit the Medieval section of the Art History Browser.
Browse the illustrations ALL THROUGH the set books to familiarize yourself with them. Better, discuss them with someone.

Learn to spell and define these base terms: