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Sometimes something interesting hits the news during the semester. I always e-mail you with this news, but here I will also store the web links.

October 9th, 1998
A 10th-century illustrated manuscript of Archimedes' works is up for sale this week. The manuscript was only discovered at the beginning of this century. It was scraped down and re-used in 12th century Constantinople, but modern techniques can reveal much of the original text and illustrations. Check out the site - this is precisely the kind of thing that would have appeared in our course if information and illustrations had been available. Like many of the manuscripts studied in the course, the text has incalculable importance: it is the oldest and most accurate copy of Archimedes' works known to us, and look how nearly it did not survive! Note that it is no accident that the work was illustrated - rich materials and elaborate illustrations often go with important, high quality texts.

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