AH318A: Selected Topics in Art History: The Church and Cataclysm

Church and Cataclysm - Artist Presentations


Prepare a five-minute talk on your experience of researching the artist of your choice. Be sure to tell us about the following, or tell us if you still don't have the information:


Use the list above as a checklist for basic content. If you have problems or wish to change the assignment, me first! (I will have to think about fair grading, so that is important).

Remember that a newsreader narrates at 140 words per minute, which translates to 2" per page of double-line spaced text (roughly 350 words). So if you write a text you have TWO PAGES maximum.

Give sources for everything! All footnotes and bibliographic references on separate pages (additional to your two pages of text).

It would be a good idea to locate images of your artist's assignment(s) among the links on the class website, so that you can direct us to them quickly (e.g. "week 5, half way down, Assy, 3rd link")

If you aren't used to giving oral presentations in class, remember that everyone feels anxious (including your professor). It's OK to make mistakes - they'll only make everyone sympathetic or grateful. When other people are giving their presentations, remember how you feel about your own turn, and give them a courteous and supportive hearing.