Art 255

The Art of the Renaissance in Italy

News & Links Introduction Syllabus

This course will take place in Rome, and we will be looking at its many artistic and archaeological treasures with a view to "locating" the Renaissance as a historical phenomenon. This means that we will be looking at art and architecture from many periods in addition to those of the Renaissance itself.

On this page are links of interest to the course, which you can visit while I organize more information.

At the moment there are dramatic discoveries of Late Antique (Roman Imperial) frescoes and mosaics going on in Rome. Here are some links:

CNN Roman Excavations
Italy has now decided on a five year excavation plan for these new finds. This article shows pics, including, apparently, an ancient Roman computer model of the city...

Treasure Trove of Roman Art is unearthed
A clear article with links to other sites showing the frescoes and mosaics.

Fresco found in Rome
Sunday Times (UK) article, with pic.

BBC News: New Evidence about Turin Shroud
BBC article about a new frescoed portrait of Christ found in the catacombs of Rome - which looks like the face on the Turin shroud! Article with pic of shroud, but no pic of the fresco.