Art 151, Assignment 1

This assignment is where you demonstrate that you have caught the turning point in the syllabus - where art and society start addressing new issues and abandoning old ones.

Title: Doing the Impossible

Examine plans, façades, and interiors of Bramante's work and indicate the impossible aspects of those projects. Explain why it was so important for him to attempt to achieve the impossible in those situations. What are the long-term implications of his "solutions"?


The Paper

You may write 600-700 words only, using short notes (incomplete sentences, complete information).

Introductions, thesis statements, discussions and conclusions are just as possible with short notes as they are with full sentences. If in doubt about these, see Paper Writing for help.

The Bibliography

Give an annotated bibliography on a separate sheet. For a piece this long, three to five works produces a reasonable scope and flexibility without bogging you down.

Do not use encyclopedias! These are not a suitable basis for academic work in my courses.

You may use the web with caution (give the full URL for your source) but be sure to compare what you find there with normally published work.

Annotations for your bibliography should be one or two lines, short notes, commenting on range, usefulness, unusualness etc - i.e. their quality.


See 100 Level Grading Rubric for grading policy - use it as a checklist.