Art 150:
Western Art, Prehistoric to Medieval

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1.    Receive course materials
2.    (no class)
3.    49-55    Mesopotamia: Uruk vase and head, ziggurats, cylinder seals
4.   55-63    Tell Asmar figures, Akkad harp and head, stele of Maram-Sin, Gudea
5.   63-77    Quiz; Lion Gate, Ishtar Gate, Susa beaker, lion monster, Scythians
6.   77-92    Egypt, Old Kingdom: Narmer's palette, Zoser complex, Giza pyramids, ka statues
7.   92-104    New Kingdom: temple at Luxor, tomb of Hatshepsut, painting, bust of Nefertiti
8.   105-120    Nubia: Deffufa, Temple of Ramses II, Meroë pyramids; Minoans: Knossos, toreadors
9.   120-134    Snake Goddess, Octopus vase, Thera; Mycenae: lion gate, tombs, mask of Agamemnon
10.   135-149    Quiz; Ancient Greece: Exekias, foreshortening, lekythoi
11.   149-162    Kouroi and korai statues (Cleobis and Biton), Discobolos, The Canon, temples
12.   162-177    Early Classical: Temple of Zeus at Olympia, The Parthenon and Erechtheum
13.   177-188    Late Classical: Praxiteles; Hellenism: Nike of Samothrace, Boxer, Laocoön, Pergamon
14.   189-200    Etruscan: She-Wolf, Mars of Todi, Sarcophagi and cinerary urns, Tarquinia tomb painting
15.   209-219    Quiz; Ancient Rome: the arch, houses, Hadrian's Villa, basilicas; ask for assignment
16.   220-237    Colosseum, Pont du Gard, Pantheon, Trajan's Column, Triumphal arches


17.    237-243    Portraits, caricature, quotations, Marcus Aurelius, colossal statue of Constantine
18.    243-256    Mural painting: visual teasers - dynamism, perspectival views, still life
19.    271-278    Early Christian: Dura Europos, catacombs, sarcophagi
20.    278-284    Church design, Old St Peter's, mausoleum of Sta Costanza, Apollo-Christ
21.    284-297    Byzantine: Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, San Vitale; Constantinople, Hagia Sophia; Assignment due
22.    297-308    Books, icons, cult of the Virgin, Byzantine churches
23.    320-329    Quiz; Early Middle Ages: Islam - Dome of the Rock, Mosque at Cordoba
24.    330    Anglo-Saxon metalwork; Viking metalwork styles I and II (not in book)
25.    336-339    Insular manuscripts: Books of Durrow, Lindisfarne, and Kells (not all in book)
26.    339-345    Carolingian: Palace Chapel, Godescalc Evangelistary, Coronation Gospels, Utrecht Psalter
27.    345-348    Ottonian: St Michael's at Hildesheim, Bernward's metalwork, Gero Crucifix (not in book)
28.    330-335    Quiz; Viking art, Mammen, Urnes, and Ringerike styles, Ål cathedral (p 379)
29.    366-378    The Millennium, pilgrimage churches, majesty reliquaries, pectoral cross reliquary
30.    379-396    Romanesque: painting, vaulting, Durham, Caen; Gothic: St Denis, Chartres
31.    398-420    Gothic sculpture and stained glass, esp Chartres and La Sainte Chapelle


32.    420-427    English Gothic
Courses Home Introduction Terms and Concepts Paper Grading Policy